Alkamari Restaurant

Where the aromas and flavors of Chilean cuisine emerge.

The flavors and aromas of Chilean cuisine emerge from our kitchen here at Alkamari Restaurant in the Santuario del Río Lodge. We’ve revised the menu so that each plate is truly an experience for all the senses, with touches of contemporary cuisine mixed with Cajon de Maipo’s local products, which give each plates its unique qualities. All this without losing that authentic homemade feel that reminds us of our childhood in grandma’s kitchen.

The Lengua Nogada (Beef tongue) is one of our favorite dishes, prepared with fine slices of beef tongue marinated in a subtle mixture of lemon, walnuts, red onion and chives.

Our traditional plates include pastel de choclo (a corn-based shepherd’s pie), marinated pork ribs with chimichurrri glaze and tender beef short ribs, both roasted in our homemade mud oven. Our new menu also boasts a diversity of sides to accompany your favorite fish or beef dish, from pre-Hispanic times such as quinoa, to the delicious combinations of the creole culture..

Many of our dishes take advantage of Cajon de Maipo’s local flavors, such as lamb shank, goat cheese, walnuts, jerky, almonds and honey. The Sheperd’s Salad, a typical plate from the region, consists of finely sliced onions, jerky marinated in lemon and an olive oil drizzle. The wise sheperds who work in the high mountains understand that each ingredient has a specific homeopathic function: onion helps to open the lungs, facilitating respiration at high altitudes; lemon ease altitutude sickness, and jerky for energy.

We also recommend the High Mountain Lamb and the River Trout.

The Alkamari Restaurant has been built in an architectural style that is both warm and inviting, with its use of pine and cypress. With a spectacular panoramic view of the mountains and river, the restaurant can hold up to 150 people in its main hall and when the weather is nice, on its open air terrace.

The Alkamari Restaurant is open every day of the year during the following times: Monday to Thursday from 9:00 to 21:00; Friday and Saturday from 9:00 to 22:00; Sunday from 9:00 to 19:00.


For weekends and holidays we invite you to try our Sanctuary Lunch, which includes a variety of appetizers, main courses and side dishes along with a dessert buffet. Cost: 16.000 per person (drinks not included).

Our restaurant is equipped with:.


* Use of SPA for those 15 years or older.
* SPA closed on Mondays. Hours of operation from Tuesday to Sunday, 11:00 to 20:00.
* Reservations for outdoor activities must be made 24 hours in advance.


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Address: Camino al Volcán 37.659, San Alfonso, Cajón del Maipo.